Feel good hobbies to take on as an adult



Feel good hobbies to take on as an adult

When you’re no longer a student and your free time becomes a toss up of binge-watching series on Netflix, taking a two-hour nap or desperately trying to get your cat to love you – it’s time to start being more productive. If you’re earning some money and have some time in the mornings before work or even after work, there are a few hobbies you can get into to make a difference in your life and that of your community. We all want to know that we’re good people and here’s what you can do about it.


Foster animals

If you’re struggling with your cat, why not foster animals and you’ll have a better chance of finding and giving love. You’ll be saving animal lives (the ones you foster from the shelter and the ones that take their place), have a cuddle buddy and be able to feel good about yourself and what you’re doing. There are so many animals that are abused, lost, thrown away and placed into the system that end with their lives ending.

Acting as a foster pet-parent is therapy for these animals. Reminding them that not everyone is out to harm them and there is love in the world for a three-legged puppy. You nurture them back to health and happiness until they’re ready to find their “forever” home. You also don’t have to worry about medical fees – they’re generally covered by the shelter.


Garden growing

Take your free time and start gardening. Not only for yourself, but for your community and those in need. Fruits and vegetables are both essential and expensive. Not everyone can afford to buy the groceries they need to get through the week or meet daily nutritional requirements.

But if you have garden space and some free time, grow your own vegetable and fruit garden. It doesn’t have to be huge and it may take a while to get it right and have a great harvest, but if you can already provide for yourself, then take what you grow and give it others who need it. And if you make enough, you’ll be able to give and lower your monthly spend on groceries at the same time. Not to mention that gardening is a way of relieving stress and has surprising benefits for your wellbeing.



Volunteering as a hobby can be serious or it can be fun. You can volunteer your time at local charity events and offer your marketing skills to help advertise, your people skills to run activities and your human-ness to bring awareness and make a change.

You could also get involved with more serious volunteering efforts with an NGO such as Medécins Sans Frontières. Donate or volunteer your time and specific skills to look after the welfare of others in suffering societies. You know how much time you have and they are always looking for help. Ask your questions and see where you can help out.

Getting involved hands-on with volunteering will teach you new skills, help with your career (maybe even encourage you to get your company involved), introduce you to new people and give you a new perspective on life to help you appreciate all that you have. You will definitely come out a better person for it.


Help out at school

Okay, so this could also count as volunteering, but unless you have a child or sibling in the school or are looking to become a teacher, it may be considered slightly creepy.

Getting involved with your child’s school is a great way to spend your mornings and stay tuned to what’s happening in the school. There is always a need for road monitors to watch the kids cross the roads safely, tuckshop helpers to keep the lines flowing during lunch and chaperones for school trips.

If you’re a stay at home parent, you’re stuck at home anyway while your kids are at school, so you might as well join the board and start making a difference in your free time. It’s also an insider way to slide your suggestions under the principal's door on what can be done to improve the school grounds.



Crochet is all the rage and creative crafters are popping up all over the country. If you have a love for arts and crafts, you can make money from this hobby and make a difference at the same time.

You could set aside a percentage of your profits to go towards a charity or you can head up classes and groups to come together and have a create-a-blanket drive for the homeless. Scarves, gloves and beanies all work too, especially during winter.


Collect for charity

Who knew you could make a difference just by collecting bottle caps and bread tags? There are different charities out there that are looking for different recyclable materials to turn into wheelchairs or money for surgeries, etc. So, basically, turn hoarding into a hobby (hoarding only useful and specific items) and when you have enough of a collection, hand them in and feel great about your efforts.


There are countless things you can be doing in your spare time, but why not do something that will make a difference and make you, and those you’re helping, feel better?