The different ways for you to donate



The different ways for you to donate

If you’re in the fortunate position to give back to the community and help change or save a life, wouldn’t you want to do it? What if you knew that, when it comes to donating, there’s more than just one way? That it doesn’t always have to be money?

If people could change the stigma of organisations only looking to take their money and get them to sign up for monthly payments, there would be more people willing to help in the areas they are able to (if money is a sore topic). So, here are the different ways for you to donate and the amazing thing is – everyone is in the position to donate in some way or another!


Online donations

Okay, let’s get the most obvious way over with – money. Money is extremely valuable to charitable or welfare organisations as it’s the easiest way for them to acquire the resources they need.

And they’ve made it easy for you, at the click of a button and the filling out of a short form online, you can register as a monthly donor or make a once off donation. Médecins Sans Frontières’ Donate form is a great example of how simple and easy it is to make a difference in the health and welfare of societies with next-to-nothing in terms of resources.


Participate in fundraisers

If you have some spending money for the month and the local charity is holding a fundraising event, then do your part and participate. Go to the markets, have fun at the picnics, sing the Christmas carols, shave your hair, or buy a secondhand book. Spend a day at DARG in Hout Bay if you’re an animal lover, no obligations to adopt, just play with the rescued animals.

It’s a way for charities and organisations to not only try and bring awareness to the community on the difference they’re trying to make, but also to get the community personally involved with the cause. It’s easy to drop a few bucks into a bank account online, but interacting with the people whose lives your changing or who are in charge of the charity, brings a whole lot of rewards in itself.


Free Rice

The Free Rice website is a game of relation or synonym questions. Every answer you get right donates 10 grains of rice. This NGO is in association with the United Nations World Food Programme and their mission is to alleviate world hunger, grains of rice at a time. In five minutes of playing the game, you can easily have donated over 500 grains of rice.

It’s as simple as having an internet connection, some general knowledge and a few minutes to spare.


Blood and organ donation

It’s understandable that not everyone is going to have access to a computer, mobile or the internet. But, again, there are so many different ways to donate. The blood flowing through your veins has the potential to save lives. All you have to do is register as a blood donor and go once a month to have your blood drawn.

It’s an easy process and only takes a few minutes. You generally get a juice and cookie afterwards as well to get your sugar levels up, and if you become a regular, you start to earn little rewards.

And if your organs are in good shape, sign up to be an organ donor. Should anything happen to you, you will still be in a position to donate and save a life.  


Spring clean give away

But wait, there’s more! When it comes to spring cleaning around the house and sorting out your clothes cupboards, that is a great opportunity to find items to donate. Clothes you haven’t worn for a year or more, appliances that are still functioning but are due for an upgrade and any other odds and ends that you would usually throw away even though you could still get some use out of them.

Put them in bags and find a charity, children's home or struggling family or community to give them to. You may not need it anymore or think twice before throwing it out, but there are people out there that it would make the world of difference to.



Another way to donate is through volunteering. Think of it as donating your time and skills to help an NGO out. They are always looking for helping hands and charitable hearts to join the team or help out on a part-time basis. You don’t volunteer to get anything out of it other than knowing you’re doing an amazing thing for the community.